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Proud to Protect the Boundary Waters Wilderness

As a supporter of the Izaak Walton League of America I am proud of our organization's nearly 100 year effort to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness ("Boundary Waters") from threats posed by unsustainable natural resource exploitation. The most long-lasting such threat comes from sulfide ore mining in the watershed, due to inevitability of centuries of toxic water pollution seeping from the abandoned mines and waste piles.

I am therefore strongly in support of the withdrawal of federal lands in the Rainy River Watershed from the federal mining program. The threats posed by sulfide-ore copper mining are unjustifiable in the watershed of such a sensitive and important area.

The Boundary Waters is America's most popular and water-rich Wilderness Area. Its 1.1 million acres contain more than 1,000 pristine lakes and 1,200 miles of river and stream, offering unmatched fishing, hunting, and other public lands wilderness recreational opportunities for all Americans to enjoy. Priceless and irreplaceable, the Boundary Waters must not be put at risk of perpetual pollution from the most toxic industry in America.

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Video - History of the Izaawk Walton League and the BWCAW

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