Watershed Summit 2014: New Management Strategies & Targets for Water Quality & Quantity

There are momentous land use decisions playing out across Minnesota and the Nation for which a better understanding of surface and subsurface water interaction is essential. The state has identified the need for Groundwater Management to assure sustainable aquifers to meet Minnesota’s water needs and for Nitrogen and Nutrient Reduction Strategies and targets to halt pollutant loads to our rivers and the Gulf.

Groundwater management impacts for potential mining projects, silica sand mining, well intervention and adequate water for business, irrigation and drinking will touch all of us. Moreover, Water Conservation planning will be critical to sustaining adequate aquifer levels. Full-functioning wetlands serve as sponges during major storms and for release during droughts. Is the State factoring the significant functional values of Wetlands into mitigation plans?

With heavier storms and longer, deeper droughts, will new programs, policies and plans provide us with watershed solutions for water conservation, ground/surface water quality, and wildlife habitat? What do we know and how will we get there?


Jill Crafton, Minnesota Division IWLA & Brad Redline, MDA

Groundwater, Lakes, and Wetlands: How They Interact  (video - 51 minutes)

Program Slides

Perry Jones

Perry Jones, Hydrologist, USGS

Planning for Groundwater Sustainability in 21st Century Minnesota  (video - 36 minutes)

Program Slides (pdf)

Jason Moeckel

Jason Moeckel
Ecological and Water Resources, Minnesota DNR

Minnesota's DRAFT Nutrient Reduction Strategy (video - 47 minutes)

Program Slides  (pdf)


Wayne Anderson Engineer
Watershed Division, Minnesota MPCA

Local Government Units' Perspective on Groundwater   (video -14 minutes)

Ray Bohn

Ray Bohn
Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts

Nitrates, Increased Water Storage and a New Vision of the Minnesota River  (video -22 minutes)


Dr. Shannon Fisher
Executive Director, Minnesota River Board
Professor, Biological Sciences Minnesota State University, Mankato


National Wetland Inventory Update (video - 29 minutes)

Program Slides (pdf)


Steve Kloiber
Wetlands Monitoring, Minnesota DNR

Minnesota Depressional Wetland Quality (video - 39 minutes)

Program Slides (pdf)

Mark Gernes

Mark Gernes
Research Scientist, Minnesota MPCA

Siting of Wetland Mitigation in Northeast Minnesota (video - 29 minutes)

Program Slides (pdf)

Doug Norris

Doug Norris
Wetlands Program, Minnesota DNR

Wetland Mitigation in Northeastern Minnesota: One Nonprofit's Perspective  (video - 59 minutes)

Program Slides (pdf)

Jill Bathke

Jill Bathke, Natural Resources Scientist
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

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